Early: Where'd she go? Simon: I can't keep track of her when she's not incorporeally possessing a space ship. Don't look at me.

'Objects In Space'

The Great Write Way, Act Three: Where's the gun?

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Amy - Apr 10, 2008 2:12:36 pm PDT #5 of 6626
Because books.

And a very silly drabble to christen it.


“You’re cheating.”

“Am not.” He rolls his eyes. “There are no rules to this. Jesus.”

She purses her mouth. The afternoon still stretches ahead, an unbroken road of heat and boredom, and if he’s not going to play fair, she doesn’t want to play at all. She props her bare feet on the porch rail.

“Okay, okay, your rules.” He edges closer, and she sniffs as he sets the swing into motion.

“You were crunching.” She pretends to pout when he slides an arm around her.

His kiss is salty-sweet. “Only licking now, promise.”

She grins around her Tootsie Pop.

Lee - Apr 10, 2008 2:20:00 pm PDT #6 of 6626
The feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.

YAY new thread!

Laura - Apr 10, 2008 2:20:58 pm PDT #7 of 6626
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

Tasty drabble!

Susan W. - Apr 10, 2008 2:22:10 pm PDT #8 of 6626
Good Trouble and Righteous Fights

Fun, Amy!

sj - Apr 10, 2008 2:22:45 pm PDT #9 of 6626
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

Nice drabble, Amy!

SailAweigh - Apr 10, 2008 2:28:22 pm PDT #10 of 6626
Nana korobi, ya oki. (Fall down seven times, stand up eight.) ~Yuzuru Hanyu/Japanese proverb

Ha! I can see that happening somewhere, Amy.

Laga - Apr 10, 2008 2:28:45 pm PDT #11 of 6626
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

sweet, Amy

juliana - Apr 10, 2008 2:35:35 pm PDT #12 of 6626
Tell me the ghost in the machine is real

Awww, Amy. that's sweet.

Amy - Apr 10, 2008 2:38:48 pm PDT #13 of 6626
Because books.

Thanks! I ... try not to make every drabble about violent death and stuff.


Lee - Apr 10, 2008 2:42:42 pm PDT #14 of 6626
The feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.

Very nice, Amy.