Willow: It feels like we're going around in circles. Xander: Our circles are going around in circles. We got dizzy circles here.


Spike's Bitches 37: You take the killing for granted.  

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Glamcookie - Aug 04, 2007 5:52:55 am PDT #29 of 10001
I know my own heart and understand my fellow man. But I am made unlike anyone I have ever met. I dare to say I am like no one in the whole world. - Anne Lister

Skipping like whoa. Sitting in the Charleston, SC airport waiting to get to Atlanta and then home. I was eaten alive by mosquitoes last night and am now itchy as hell.

beth b - Aug 04, 2007 6:04:15 am PDT #30 of 10001
oh joy! Oh Rapture ! I have a brain!

I hope you threw them both out of th e library, Sparky. I always get my grandmother's spine when I have to deal with that.

-t - Aug 04, 2007 6:28:33 am PDT #31 of 10001
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration


Haven't had coffee yet, words are hard, but I wanted to get a post in while the thread is still new.

Laga - Aug 04, 2007 6:32:07 am PDT #32 of 10001
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

gronklies bitches

Laura - Aug 04, 2007 6:47:12 am PDT #33 of 10001
Our wings are not tired.

Killer thread. I slept in. Mmmm sleep. Just finished my oatmeal and working on the coffee. I am over at my sister's house so her dog will be more comfy. She has a scale. It is an evil scale. I won't be doing that again.

Hope to alternate work and play today. Work. Kayak. Work. Swim. Work. Sunbathe. It seems a better plan than the usual Work Work Work.

Nice to hear a relaxed Anne. Is your mom calmer with Glen home? They both must be exhausted.

ChiKat - Aug 04, 2007 6:49:49 am PDT #34 of 10001
That man was going to shank me. Over an omelette. Two eggs and a slice of government cheese. Is that what my life is worth?

Good plan, Laura. I think you need more days of less work.

I finally fell asleep around 4 this morning. Woo? And, just got up. Now need coffee.

Scrappy - Aug 04, 2007 7:01:49 am PDT #35 of 10001
Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Up at 7:30 and walked the dog. DH got up at 6:30 to be there for the floor refinishing guys at the new house. This is mitigated by the fact that he is then going to a musical instrument garage sale I found on The Crack Craig's List. Here's hoping he doesn't spend so much we can't afford a stove.

Zenkitty - Aug 04, 2007 7:06:36 am PDT #36 of 10001
Every now and then, I think I might actually be a little odd.

Up at 6. Is now 12. Have done nothing except write a piece of a fanfic. Am lazy. Pronouns are for the ambitious.

Anne W. - Aug 04, 2007 7:08:12 am PDT #37 of 10001
The lost sheep grow teeth, forsake their lambs, and lie with the lions.

Things are definitely more relaxed with Glen out of the hospital, but until he's recovered enough not to need my mom's supervision (he's on an IV antibiotic drip), they'll still be a bit tense. This is in part due to the fact that he's not a very good patient.

Sparky1 - Aug 04, 2007 7:10:34 am PDT #38 of 10001
Librarian Warlord

Today's Pilates teacher couldn't keep track of the count. We did things in threes, fours, fives, sixes, etc. It kept me alert the whole class since I never knew when she'd tell us to change.

My DH is making veggie burgers and then I think we're going to go down to the Postal Museum, just because it is the least visited Smithsonian and just a short hobble across the street from Union Station. His ankle is all puffy again, and he's trying to blame it on the heat, not the fact that he played Frisbee twice this week. @@