Yes, it's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Giles ,'Conversations with Dead People'

Cable Drama: Still Waiting for the Cable Guy to Show Up with the Thread Name...

To be determined... (but it's definitely [NAFDA])

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Topic!Cindy - Jun 27, 2007 1:36:56 pm PDT #1 of 11996
What is even happening?


Laura - Jun 27, 2007 1:38:11 pm PDT #2 of 11996
Our wings are not tired.

Woo! Cindy's #1!

Denise - Jun 27, 2007 1:39:10 pm PDT #3 of 11996


Topic!Cindy - Jun 27, 2007 1:41:46 pm PDT #4 of 11996
What is even happening?

As long as you're not fifth, Denise.

Laga - Jun 27, 2007 1:45:46 pm PDT #5 of 11996
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

I plead the fifth.

Sean K - Jun 27, 2007 1:48:16 pm PDT #6 of 11996
You can't leave me to my own devices; my devices are Nap and Eat. -Zenkitty

I like this for a thread name. It's cracking me up.

Hayden - Jun 27, 2007 2:04:26 pm PDT #7 of 11996
aka "The artist formerly known as Corwood Industries."

The Magnificent Seven(th)?

sj - Jun 27, 2007 2:12:34 pm PDT #8 of 11996
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

New thread! Thanks, DX!

Who is watching The Closer this season?

askye - Jun 27, 2007 2:15:22 pm PDT #9 of 11996
Thrive to spite them

I am! But I haven't watched all of the newest episode.

Or the second season. It wasn't available on Netflix until right before the S3 premiere, and now I've got it on the next thing I'm getting.

libkitty - Jun 27, 2007 2:19:03 pm PDT #10 of 11996
Embrace the idea that we are the leaders we've been looking for. Grace Lee Boggs


eta: slumbernut

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