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Spike's Bitches 31: We're Motivated Go-getters.  

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Sparky1 - Jun 15, 2006 12:24:56 pm PDT #13 of 10001
Librarian Warlord

meara, when we got married, we did so on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington state -- some of our cell phone calls got picked up as if we were calling from Canada, and yes, verra expensive.

Polter-Cow - Jun 15, 2006 12:26:20 pm PDT #14 of 10001
What else besides ramen can you scoop? YOU CAN SCOOP THIS WORLD FROM DARKNESS!

Sixth, unless the refresh demons have lied to me. EDIT: Demons. You get what you pay for.

What's the deal, Broomy? You just hide in here, waiting for new threads?

Atropa - Jun 15, 2006 12:27:03 pm PDT #15 of 10001
The artist formerly associated with cupcakes.

Yay new thread!

Yay, latest round of document revisions edited and checked back in.

Dear Powers That Be,

Please let that be the last round of changes to that document for a couple of weeks. It would make me really, really happy.

SailAweigh - Jun 15, 2006 12:28:54 pm PDT #16 of 10001
Nana korobi, ya oki. (Fall down seven times, stand up eight.) ~Yuzuru Hanyu/Japanese proverb

Damn. Work calls me away and all I get is a lousy 16th? Hell, I'll take it!

Nora Deirdre - Jun 15, 2006 12:29:10 pm PDT #17 of 10001
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)

Gots the top 20.

Toddson - Jun 15, 2006 12:29:42 pm PDT #18 of 10001
Friends don't let friends read "Atlas Shrugged"

Under 20! I take my thrills where I can find them.

Aims - Jun 15, 2006 12:32:21 pm PDT #19 of 10001
Shit's all sorts of different now.


Vortex - Jun 15, 2006 12:32:38 pm PDT #20 of 10001
"Cry havoc and let slip the boobs of war!" -- Miracleman


Polter-Cow - Jun 15, 2006 12:34:24 pm PDT #21 of 10001
What else besides ramen can you scoop? YOU CAN SCOOP THIS WORLD FROM DARKNESS!

Ooh! Apparently, there is a company outing to the Giants/Brewers game on July 19! And they give us a shirt and money for hot dogs!

I will pull a Fay and pretend I know and care about what's going on.

Lee - Jun 15, 2006 12:35:17 pm PDT #22 of 10001
The feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.

Yay new thread.

Is today over yet?