River: You're not right, Early. You're not righteous. You've got issues. Early: No. Oh, yes, I could have that. You might have me figured out, then. Good job. I'm not 100%.

'Objects In Space'

Literary Buffistas 3: Don't Parse the Blurb, Dear.

There's more to life than watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer! No. Really, there is! Honestly! Here's a place for Buffistas to come and discuss what it is they're reading, their favorite authors and poets. "Geez. Crack a book sometime."

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Consuela - Aug 03, 2022 8:52:27 pm PDT #27403 of 27403
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

For comfort books, I really enjoy Jenny Colgan's romances. They're mostly set in ridiculously cute small towns in the UK, where a girl from the city shows up and opens a bookstore or bakery or something, and falls in love with some unrealistically-chill local dude. The nice thing is that the books do deal with mental health and poverty, and have gay and multi-racial characters. I really like them.

Finished my reread of Gaudy Night for book club. I enjoyed it, but it is seriously classist, y'all. None more classist. I highlighted several sections with the note "yikes!"

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