Willow: That's a work ethic! Buffy, you're developing a work ethic! Buffy: Do they make an ointment for that?

'Beneath You'

Literary Buffistas 3: Don't Parse the Blurb, Dear.

There's more to life than watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer! No. Really, there is! Honestly! Here's a place for Buffistas to come and discuss what it is they're reading, their favorite authors and poets. "Geez. Crack a book sometime."

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Consuela - May 09, 2022 10:36:52 pm PDT #27374 of 27375
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

Oh indeed, that was a lovely little story.

dcp - May 16, 2022 4:44:54 pm PDT #27375 of 27375
And he went away through the Wet Wild Woods waving his wild tail and walking by his wild lone. -- "The Cat that Walked by Himself," by Rudyard Kipling

I just finished copperbadge's latest in the "Shivadhverse" series. [link]

The first work was predictable, but fun.

The second work was a little more twisty, but still fun -- enough that I couldn't wait for the chapter releases, and instead read the still-being-polished draft in Google Docs. I enjoyed it a lot.


Now I think I'm going to go re-read all of Leonard Wibberly's "Duchy of Grand Fenwick" books.

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