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Literary Buffistas 3: Don't Parse the Blurb, Dear.

There's more to life than watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer! No. Really, there is! Honestly! Here's a place for Buffistas to come and discuss what it is they're reading, their favorite authors and poets. "Geez. Crack a book sometime."

Jesse - Jul 27, 2021 1:59:07 pm PDT #26855 of 27218
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

Funny story, I actually have read Updraft etc!

EpicTangent - Jul 27, 2021 2:15:03 pm PDT #26856 of 27218
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Oh, Charlie Jane Anders - I've read her All the Birds in the Sky, which I think skews more Fantasy than SF, but her The City in the Middle of the Night looks good (I own, but haven't gotten to read yet).

bennett - Jul 27, 2021 2:27:00 pm PDT #26857 of 27218

Several of CJ Cherryh's books are SF with female leads: The whole Chanur series; Rimrunners; Cyteen; the Morgaine cycle is a little more fantasy, so that may not work.

dcp - Jul 27, 2021 2:51:04 pm PDT #26858 of 27218
Empathy for Charlie and Algernon.

Ooooh! Have you ever read either Hellspark or Mirabile by Janet Kagan? If not, I highly recommend them.

-t - Jul 27, 2021 3:15:44 pm PDT #26859 of 27218
Well, not where I'm from. But maybe I'm not there anymore

The new Charlie Jane Victories Greater than Death is very sci fi (sort of Star Trekky)has a female protagonist, and is good. And was being given away by Tor recently, I think? Like subscribe to a newsletter and get a copy of this book kind of deal. I already had my copy so I didn’t pay much attention

I just read Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black series and she’s a female protagonist but is it SF? I think it’s probably more horror.

Vacation read: hmmmmm. This suddenly feels like a pop quiz that I am unprepared for. I will think about it some more.

I keep forgetting that I want to rec The Unravelling - it’s way far future sci fi so society is pretty much completely different, humans are pretty different, and explores some interesting ideas with that, among them vids, fic and shipping. I mean, that’s not a big part of the story but I was delighted to find them at all.

hippocampus - Jul 27, 2021 3:22:06 pm PDT #26860 of 27218
not your mom's socks.

Jesse - SB Divya’s Machinehood, Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti, Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire …

(I mean yes I love it when people read Updraft also! ❤️)

hippocampus - Jul 27, 2021 3:22:44 pm PDT #26861 of 27218
not your mom's socks.

These are all excellent recs.

Jesse - Jul 27, 2021 3:31:33 pm PDT #26862 of 27218
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

Thanks for all of these!

amyparker - Jul 27, 2021 4:13:04 pm PDT #26863 of 27218
In the end it's only ever been one step, and then the next.

Jesse, if you haven't picked up Ann Leckie's "Imperial Radch" series, I highly recommend it. My current tagline - "In the end it's only ever been one step, and then the next" - is from the final book in the series.

Nicola Griffith's Ammonite, N.K. Jemisin's "Broken Earth" and "Inheritance" trilogies, Le Guin's The Telling, Sue Burke's Semiosis (haven't read Interference yet), Kate Elliott's Unconquerable Sun . . . .

Kate P. - Jul 27, 2021 6:17:36 pm PDT #26864 of 27218
That's the pain / That cuts a straight line down through the heart / We call it love

Jesse, have you read anything by Becky Chambers? She's become one of my favorite recent SF writers. A Closed and Common Orbit is probably the closest fit for this challenge, and is also my favorite of her books so far (though I haven't read her latest yet). It's a sequel of sorts to her first book, but you don't need to have read the first one to understand or enjoy the story, though it does spoil a fairly big plot point from the first book.

hippocampus, some of my recent faves are Circe by Madeline Miller, Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia, and Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid.