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Fan Fiction II: Great story! Where's the sequel?

This thread is for fanfic recs, links, and discussion, but not for actual posting of fanfic.

Anne W. - May 16, 2005 4:15:58 am PDT #25 of 10388
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Thanks for the rec, Plei. I sent off a note to the author.

Emily - May 16, 2005 5:56:16 pm PDT #26 of 10388
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Huh. I guess when I unsubbed from the closed thread, I forgot to subscribe to this one.

Anyway, there's this really good Harry Potter story, Fly-fishing for Beginners, which I wanted to recommend. It's Harry/Snape, I'll warn you, but it's... I can't quite think of the word for it, other than "very British," which seems sort of stereo-typey, so if someone could come up with a better term, I'd be obliged. But it's like this:

"I say, Harry, have you read this?"

Harry Potter, arse up and head down in a packing case, doing battle with polystyrene nuggets and cursing Sotheby's dispatch department with the irritation of a man yet to imbibe his third cup of coffee, did not reply.

"This is just deeply weird."

The voice neared. Harry up-ended himself, clutching two copies of The Box of Delights (lib. ed., slg. foxed) and a first edition of The Spy Who Loved Me. (Well used, corners rubbed, torn frontispiece, some staining to backboard and inside papers, but still a fair copy)

ETA: For anyone concerned about the propriety of Harry/Snape in general, I'll point out that this is well post-Hogwarts, and all involved are totally adults.

Theodosia - May 17, 2005 3:31:07 am PDT #27 of 10388
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And from Resonant, "Abstain" Stargate: Atlantis fic where McKay and Sheppard are forced by aliens not to have sex.

erikaj - May 17, 2005 5:25:51 am PDT #28 of 10388
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OK, I've got a question. I post over at The Waterfront and I mentioned my latest AU and somebody asked me "What's *wrong* with Homicide season 5 that you wanted to rewrite it?" Nothing, really, it's just an experiment.(except for that Falsone aspirin thing. Yuck.) Do people often write fanfiction to "right wrongs"? Is that why you do it? I've just been enjoying getting characters together that don't talk much...stuff like that. And I want to try The Wire thing where we kind of follow the criminals, so we see inside Luther's head some, and I'm taking some time over the Pembleton stroke, but I wouldn't say I'm repainting the Mona Lisa or anything. So, question for the group...does something have to be wrong before you fic it?

Connie Neil - May 17, 2005 5:38:34 am PDT #29 of 10388

Do people often write fanfiction to "right wrongs"?

Some of my stories are written because the canon plot went in a totally bone-headed direction--um, IMO.

I didn't turn Giles into a vampire, though, because I thought things should have happened that way, I just sat up one day and thought, "Giles. Vampire. With Spike. Oh, that could be fun." Everything else in the Career Change series had followed from Giles being on the other side (officially, anyway) and Buffy not dying.

And, of course, sometimes I just want to get a pair of hotties into bed and American network standards won't pander to me.

P.M. Marc - May 17, 2005 5:41:37 am PDT #30 of 10388
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Do people often write fanfiction to "right wrongs"?


Fix-it fic is far too common. Esp. Shipper fix-it fic.

Consuela - May 17, 2005 5:53:27 am PDT #31 of 10388
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Fix-it fic is far too common. Esp. Shipper fix-it fic.

Although the good writers don't make me grind my teeth when they go somewhere canon didn't. Good writers may write fix-it fic, but it reads more like, 'wouldn't it be cool if?' fic.

erikaj - May 17, 2005 5:55:53 am PDT #32 of 10388
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Ok, so maybe if Kay didn't go to to Fugitive, John might get with her. But I swear that's not what I had in mind, so it struck me as a weird question. But I guess I buck many trends...apparently everyone else writes short now and mine are long and intricate.

Nutty - May 17, 2005 6:06:41 am PDT #33 of 10388
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Fix-it fic has a habit of being annoyingly self-righteous, although I don't think that's innate. It's sort of like those people who got all screamy against Joss, when Tara got killed, except instead of being screamy in ways that proclaim Restraining Order, they express their screaminess through fic. So, actually, fix-it fic can have redeeming social value -- by saving otherwise-crazy screamy people from going off the deep end.

Or something.

I have read some interesting fix-it fic, or rather, fic that leaves canon behind because canon was not giving the author the dramatic hoo-ha the author needed; and plenty of real-world AU or "what if" fic. Personally I enjoy what-ifs, within reason and without axe-grinding. Like an amiably muddled dream of canon.

Snacky - May 17, 2005 5:41:50 pm PDT #34 of 10388
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I like fix-it fic when it's a) well-done, and b) when the author is clearly having fun with the whole idea of it. One of my favorite fix-it fics in X-Files is like this. It's obviously a big, "I'm going to wrap up this whole thing and give it a happy ending with something for everyone!" but, it's like you can just picture the author smiling happily as she wrote the whole thing.